Wednesday, December 07, 2005

U2 Tickets cont.

Saw this comment on a trademe auction
"Scalpers suck!!!!!!!! Do you really think U2 would approve of this? I think not! So therefore your not a real fan! posted by: kitty79 (6 ) 6:27 pm, Tue 6 Dec"
well actually... i'm a fan of their music, doesn't mean i think they are particularly special human beings or anything, why would i care if they approve?

U2 Tickets

Oh why oh why didn't i buy an extra ticket to sell on trademe!

Around 9am on monday morning i just happened to get a message from a friend online reminding me that U2 tickets had gone on sale, so i hopped over to the ticketmaster website, spent about 5 minutes refreshing many browser windows and purchased 3 tickets @ $99 each, quickly and easily done.

However, it seems many fans were not so lucky and failed to obtain any tickets before they old sold out and many enterprising 'scalpers' have taken advantage of this, tickets have been selling for many times their face value on trademe.

There are plenty of vitriolic comments from pissed off fans about how the scalpers have deprived legitimate fans of tickets, calling them the scum of the earth. I don't feel they have deprived fans of tickets however, after all, those who buy the available tickets for inflated prices on trademe, must be fans. They are fans who would rather spend additional dollars on their tickets rather than hours lining up in the rain, the scalper has simply acted as their agent, a professional line stander if you will.

Why should queing for hours be a requisite of being a fan?, I like U2, I am glad i was able to buy tickets online, however if i was offered a choice between queing all night or paying double price for tickets, I'd pay double price, my time is worth more to me than that. In fact, it could be said that those who have paid 5 or 10 times the face value for a ticket are the real fans! and the scalpers have made it possible for these fans, who otherwise would have missed out, to go to the concert.

I'm just a little annoyed i didn't buy 1 extra ticket!

Monday, December 05, 2005

To buy or not to buy?

New toys are always so tempting, but more often than not, in my case anyway, they quickly pale after purchase and sit on the shelf gathering dust (I think in many cases i actually enjoy the pre purchase research more than the actual device). There are exceptions to this rule. I'm currently writing these thoughts on my Sony Erricson P910i mobile phone, purchased some 6 months ago on Trademe for about half the current retail price. Before i brought it, i didn't think i would really make much use of the pda functions, but slowly i have come to find it indispensable. I think this is due to the constant presence of the device however and i have my doubts that i would have started to use a dedicated PDA in the same fashion (although i'm still tempted to buy one, for nothing other than the cool-toy factor).

But so many new devices and gadgets do not end up as indispensable, many seem to lose their novelty value swiftly either because they are more complicated/less usefull than they originally appeared or because they really do have no practical purpose in line with your life. The commercial giants make great profits of this enthusiasm of men for new toys, just as the cosmetics and weight loss industries survive on the basis of womens insecurities about their looks, so the technology industry appears to be thriving on mens need to explore and play with new toys they don't need.


Just spent 3 days in christchurch and I was blown away by how beautifull the city is, breathtaking gothic revival architecture, beautifully manicured trees and gardens along the sides of the gently winding avon river. How did it take me so long to finally visit such a gem of a city in my own country?.

I took a few photos, visited Ernest Rutherfords Den, The Christchurch Museum, The Cathedral, The Botanical Gardens and i felt i had barely scratched the surface of this city, I think i will be visiting again in the not too distant future!