Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eating Cats

A Northern Territory woman has decided that a solution to the Feral cat problem is... Eating them . Not withstanding my immediate protectionary instincts towards my own 2 little feline terrors at home, why is it that the crazy ones are always the ugly ones? (take a look at the article picture). And, if they are a more competent predator, why do environmentalists believe that killing one animal to save others is in the slightest bit ethical? In my opinion, the life of a Feral cat is every bit as valuable as the life of any native animal, but it seems most environmentalists disagree, they seem to have decided that, for no discernable reason, things should remain exactly as they were when humans arrived, personally i'd much rather Australia was populated by cute purring kittys than ugly, baby snatching dingo's!

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