Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are we too connected

The editor at Tucows thinks so ...

Am I TOO Connected?
Many of you are, and if you're honest with yourself, I
hope you'll realize it. Let the phone ring. Don't take your cell phone in the
car. Leave it in the car when you go into the store. Remember, things that are
too connected blow fuses and don't last as long.

Are we too connected? I for one don't always answer my cellphone, I don't always return sms messages, I'm happy to let the phone ring when i don't feel like answering it. But I know others who simply must answer whenever anyone tries to contact them, I've known people who are offended when their cellphone calls go unanswered.

Are we too connected?.. Every child has a cellphone these days it seems, training young minds to be a part of our 'global community' from earlier and earlier ages. Am I alone in believing that the birth of the 'global community' is heralding the death of 'real community' ?


Alan Howard said...

Personally, I think that the 'real community', as you call it, is simply becoming larger. Community is evolving, and technology helps it. Sure, we could go back to the dark ages, where we had small villages and everyone pitched in and helped 'the community', but that's way in the past.

We're moving into the future, and technology is not only increasing the 'community', but decreasing the distance between people. More people are communicating with more people, and that can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Technology is bringing the global community together in ways that allows people of one country to provide greater assistance to people of another country. I think technology can only improve that.

NightFallTech said...

But, in having '500 global friends' is it possible to miss out on having enough people with a real interest in your welfare?. Do we sometimes end up more alone for all the company?

On a Macro scale, i totally agree with you, Allowing the people of one country to help each other is important, but on the micro scale, perhaps peoples 'smaller' problems that might have been shared with a local community are not helped by others in the global village...