Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WinFS is dead

Over on the microsoft blogs, there was a bombshell dropped last friday. The long awaited (it's been promised since NT4.0) winFS relational file system is no more. This may sink below the radar of the average windows user, but from a software development perspective, this was the single biggest cherry on the microsoft tree. Providing the ability to integrate unstructured binary files and relational meta data within a core OS filesystem, providing advanced features like folder truncation (delete a million files in a heartbeat rather than a lifetime), this was a developers dream. But, Like so many other dreams from redmond, it has faded with the morning light. The microsoft blog entries skirt the issue and wax lyrical about new features added into SQL Server and ADO.NET, and these are features i will certainly be happy to see, but they are not WinFS. A sad day for microsoft developers.


Alan Howard said...

I came here to commiserate with you on the loss of WinFS, and what do I find? I find that I've been reading your RSS feeds too long and haven't come to the actual blog in ages.

Damn, what have you done with the formatting! It's, like, so very plain! Have you stuffed up somewhere, or is this how you want it to look?


NightFallTech said...

Its undergoing some reformatting :) it will look better soon :)