Thursday, February 09, 2006

More on Mohammed

One of the opinion writers on stuff (A New Zealand newspaper site) has made some excellent points about the whole cartoon mess,2106,3565956a1861,00.html

The latest news is that the islamic world wants the new UN human rights body to legislate against blasphemy,2106,3567029a12,00.html, What next?, will they make it compulsory for all westerners to pray 5 times a day to allah, just in case a muslim is offended by their lack of piety?

I for one am offended by the islamic response to these cartoons and by the concilitory approach of many western governments, but i'm not likely to walk into a crowded shopping mall and blow myself up, I'm not going to kidnap and execute tourists and aid workers, so nobody cares what i think.

The editors of the danish newspaper in question has said he wouldn't publish holocaust cartoons, i think perhaps i'm further down the free speech road than most as i believe that it is acceptable to publish cartoons about this, although i can't think of any possible cartoon with legitimate relevance (as the muslim cartoons have) regarding the holocaust. I'm happy for an islamic newspaper to publish whatever cartoons it wants about my religion (catholic), about my country (New Zealand) or anything else it should choose.

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