Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Trademe addiction

I've recently become quite active at buying on the New Zealand auction site TradeMe, from hard to find second hand fantasy books for under $5 to a new Dell Axim PDA for $500, I've been busily watching and bidding on auctions, amazed by the ease with which person to person transactions can be carried out in this medium.

The online auction seems to have become a everyday fact of life, allowing buyers and sellers to meet and trade without any of the awkwardness or time wasting involved in ringing up classified advertisers, only to find the item has already been sold.

There are however some niggles with the service as currently provided, not least of which is the number of prolific commercial traders who clutter the listings with repeated items and make it ever more complicated to find the second hand bargains you were after, in particular, in the radio control aircraft section of trademe, an australian seller called 'revolutionshop' makes up a significant chunk of the listed items. With $50+ freight charges and long waits for delivery i would rather not purchase from this seller but have no way to exclude them from my search or to know who has listed an item before i click on it.

Niggles aside, I can see myself making a lot of future purchases, and hopefully, sales on TradeMe, however enhanced searching options, including the ability to exclude traders, would significantly improve my experience!.

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