Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crashed - Again!

Well, I found a nice, almost windless day. I walked down to the school field and launched my freshly repaired Aero Voyager into the sky. She climbed well, I was able to level her out using the elevator and rudder controls and turn right into a slow banking turn. Finally ... Flight!.

But again, it wasn't to last. I turned a little steeply or maybe i was just too close to the ground but as the plane began to gather speed i began to lose control and again contacted the ground at speed, this time on the edge of a wing, causing the most serious damage so far, but I think i'm improving! and its nothing a bit of superglue and epoxy won't fix.

It was a little embarrasing to walk back to the flat 5 minutes after leaving with a broken and battered aircraft under my arm and i'm starting to get some very strange looks from my flatmates, but now that i've started, I feel that, in a way, i need to finish :).

1 comment:

Alan Howard said...

The question is, will it be finished by the absolute destruction of the plane, or of your ego?